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31 May 2021

3 Steps to Create a Steady Stream of Loan Officer Leads

A website is a fantastic loan officer marketing tool. Unfortunately, if your website is your only digital marketing income stream, one Google algorithm update is all it will take for your source of leads to dry up. Every loan officer marketing plan should have a paid component to even out the dips and troughs so […]

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26 May 2021

3 Practical Loan Officer Lead Generation Strategies

Loan officers have many different channels available to them for attracting leads to their business, but that doesn’t mean mortgage marketing is easy. There’s a lot to understand about each platform, and it can be overwhelming to find the best approach for each one to maximize your return.  This post will teach you about three […]

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17 May 2021

3 Easy Lead Generation Strategies for Loan Officers

Have your loan officer lead generation strategies plateaued of late? Is your marketing funnel more of a slow drip than a steady flow? It happens to the best of us, and the current challenges aren’t making things easier. Mixing things up a bit can lead to better results, so try adding these strategies to your […]

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11 May 2021

5 Mortgage Marketing Tips for Loan Officers Struggling on Social Media

Social media is primarily a platform people use for entertainment and to stay connected with friends and family. Because of this, you may believe that your mortgage business has no place on the likes of Facebook or Twitter for generating mortgage leads You would be mistaken.  Social media creates connections with people. As the mortgage […]

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29 April 2021

5 Effective Mortgage Broker Marketing Ideas

One of the essential steps to growing your mortgage broker business is to plan how you will attract mortgage leads to your business. Do you already have profitable clients, or are you just starting? Does your current demographic share any desirable traits? Do you want to continue targeting the same demographic or go after a […]

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15 November 2019

Digital Marketing Agency VS In-House Marketing

The battle stands as whether to hire a marketing agency vs marketing in-house. When it comes to digital marketing, this can be a critically important decision for many businesses. As an all-round Marketer who has worked for many different industries for the past 20+ years, I feel very confident in giving this advice. I have […]

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11 December 2018

How LinkedIn Marketing Can Help Achieve Your Business Goals

Social media is all around us. For some people, it is very much apart of their daily life. In fact, worldwide there are currently 2.6 billion users on one or more networks. That’s over a third of our entire population. This number is expected to grow by 10% in 2020. At this moment majority of […]

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27 November 2018

Social Media Marketing: Then and Now

Social media is very much a part of our daily lives. In fact 8 in 10 Australians are active users on one or more platforms. Many users have their own intentions for use on social media. Whether it be keeping in touch with others, enjoying and sharing entertaining content or keeping up to date with […]

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13 November 2018

11 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is The Future

We are living in a digital world that is constantly evolving each day. Consumers are now able to consume content on more devices than ever before. It began with computers and laptops, but recently the horizon has been expanded with the popularisation of smart phones and tablets. As technology advances, the prices drop making it […]

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16 October 2018

9 Customer Retention Strategies That Work

What is Customer Retention? Customer retention rate is how a company manages to maintain its paying customers over a period of time. Managing your customer retention rate is a greatly important part of making your business sustainable. Picture your business as a colander, a low retention rate is like filling it with water. Sure, there’s […]

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