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03 May 2022

Content Marketing for IT Companies

Any successful business manager or owner will tell you that marketing plays a very integral part in increasing sales and creating visibility. However, what they might not tell you is which aspect of marketing is most effective in achieving set targets and goals. While advertising and public campaigns have always been the pinnacle of marketing, the digital age is starting to bring a whole different dynamic to marketing. Today, a few well-produced adverts on TV or artistic billboards are probably not enough to generate sales and get traction in a competitive market. You need a lot more than that, particularly when it comes to an online presence because that is where we get pretty much everything done these days.

This is why content marketing is a lot more important and relevant today for IT marketing. To dominate an industry or field, especially one as critical and huge as IT, you need to have an incredible online presence. In today’s world, online stores are selling a lot more than physical stores which should tell you everything you need to know about the importance of a strong online presence, especially for big companies in the IT industry.

This circles us back to content marketing, which many would argue holds the key to having a strong and robust online presence. Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material which include videos, blogs, and social media posts, among other pivotal collateral that don’t explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services with the view to getting a direct response from the reader. These strategies tend to cut through a lot of generic advertising because they inspire, motivate, educate and transform a prospect, showing that you are the authority in the industry.

The Need for Content Marketing for IT Companies

As a company focused on providing IT services, you stand to benefit a lot by establishing a strong online presence through content marketing because it’s almost always done poorly. Investing on content marketing can help you dominate your industry for a few reasons.

Audiences Stick Around for Longer

Unlike a traditional or legacy advertising which you might only see once a day, online content has a better retention capability. The average person spends about three hours in a day online. Out of the three hours, the majority of online time is spent on entertainment. As an IT company, you can take advantage of this and reach your clients where they spend a lot of their time. Therefore, by distributing content online, you can meet your audience where they are at and engage at a deeper level, making it a lot easier for you to sell your service because you have built you a relationship with your potential buyers.

Cultivates Brand Loyalty Among Consumers

Branding usually requires hundeds of thousands of dollars, but not if we look at branding like building a relationship. Consumers like a brand they can relate to. You are always more likely to sell when you show your market that you relate to the problems they experience on a daily basis and can provide them with a solution to these problems. This is especially true in the IT industrybecause we sell solutions to problems that people face every day. Through content marketing, you can subtly promote your products and as long as your market continues to enjoy your content, they are likely to stick to your brand because you’ve gradually been gaining their trust by releasing consistent, credible content.

Educates Your Audience

In an industry such as IT where consumption of the product requires technical ability and knowledge, having a platform where you can educate your market on the best uses for a product or how to use a particular product easily can go a long way in improving sales.

As an IT company, you can take the option of using content marketing as an opportunity to show the people how to use your products, the benefits and what makes them stand out from the rest. This way, you are able to generate a lot more traffic and leads since people will be coming to your channels to look up helpful information repeatedly. Furthermore, such content is easy to share so

you can expect your audience to forward it as many times as possible to their friends and family which effectively translates to even more impressions.

Tips for Content Marketing for IT companies

While content marketing looks relatively easy, it is quite complex and requires critical planning and strategy to get the intended results such as exponential business growth. Below are a few helpful tips that IT companies can use to perfect their content marketing strategies.

Consistency is Key

To gain impressions and generate enough leads that will boost your search rankings, you need to be very consistent. You should aim to release your content as often as possible. Ideally, every day or two should be good enough but this might not be realistic considering the detailed and resource-consuming nature of IT content. If your content is high-production and it wouldn’t make economic sense to release something new every day, you can try doing it at least once a week or every two weeks. As long as there is that consistency, your customers will always have something to look forward to every time which, again, generates interest in your service.

Dig Deep and Provide Detail

The key to gaining traction with IT content is to solve real world problems, in detail so that you’re seen as the expert. If possible, you can even get seasoned experts or recognized names in the industry to provide their insights. This will undoubtedly make your content popular among your target audience which in the end translates to increased sales.

Invest in Multiple Channels

One downside of content marketing is that there are a lot of channels involved and knowing which one to leverage can sometimes be an impossible task. For content marketing to work, you need a lot of coverage and this means a multi-channel approach. The worst way forward is to try to tackle this yourself because without systems, the quality and distribution of the content can fall severely short. That’s why it’s important to use a professional, just like in the IT space.

Final Words

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