We Exist Because…

…businesses want to grow, fast

Digital Marketing is central to the growth of even traditional businesses now and it’s an industry that is both misunderstood and, probably as a result, is littered with cowboys. Not a day goes by when we don’t hear that someone has experienced one or more of these:

  • They’ve been burnt, sometimes very badly. They’ve had lots of promises and little results.
  • They don’t really understand all nine (9) channels of digital marketing, after all each one employs a level of specific expertise.
  • They need more result from less effort.
  • They’ve tried digital marketing and it didn’t work, usually because it was not executed properly.
  • They haven’t got the time to be running a full spectrum of digital marketing – in fact most marketing managers tell us this.

We also exist because clients want tailored marketing strategy and execution within the framework of a proven and successful model. They don’t want to take risks anymore.

We want you to be one of the best success stories in your industry and enjoy the business growth along the way.

About Our Director, Ryan Gray


Ryan has built Argonyx Marketing from scratch since 2004 and has helped thousands of businesses dramatically increase their revenue and dominate their online niche using digital techniques.

His primary passion is marketing and building business. He believes that Digital is one of the fastest and most sustainable ways of growing a business as long as you know the right methodology for your industry.

Ryan holds two university level qualifications in Business (Marketing and Management) and Information Technology (Information Systems) and insists that real world experience accompanied by practical success is as important as theoretical learning.

He consults and provides marketing services to businesses at national and international levels while remaining passionate about helping small and medium business reach their potential by navigating the complex online world.

In his experience as a business leader, Ryan has also directly managed complex implementations of critical business systems, led both local and international teams of experts through a global financial crisis and has extensive negotiation experience achieving win-win outcomes at small business and corporate levels.


We don’t have thousands of low-value customers. We work with our clients to ensure success. We treat you like a person because you’re important to us. Business is built on relationships, not transactions, and our clients become our friends.

Our philosophy centres around long-term business relationships with our clients and provide value, drive growth at one of the three levels of business, using proven methodology and proper digital modelling.

To coin a phrase, we focus on ”victory, not vanity.” Many agencies will provide only content or other fancy campaigns that fail to actually grow their customers’ business. Our clients see results, whether it is direct response or branding. Having the largest following on social media or most creative video campaign tends to mean nothing unless it translates into sales or another measurable type of value.

Business is built on relationships, not transactions, and our clients become our friends….

Why Argonyx?

Our client’s metrics are above industry averages. Our clients stay with us longer, get better traffic and have higher quality enquiries than our competitors.

In fact, Google recently told us, “You are exceeding your peers in almost every metric, some metrics by more than double!” (We are a Google partner and are reviewed on performance for our clients regularly).

Over more than 12 years we have developed highly successful methodology in the nine (9) channels of digital marketing enabling us to take on the best for our clients… and win!

Where everyone else is the “most creative,” or “full service” or “exceed campaign delivery,” our client’s grow their business as a direct result of what we do for them. We believe that’s what digital marketing should do.

Our size, methodology and focus on relationships allow us to be agile and do what it takes to get the outcomes you want, not just ‘run a campaign.’

Some Accreditations

If you are at a pivotal growth stage and wanting Early Stage Growth for a funded startup, Accelerated Growth for an established business, or to Increase Competitive Advantage for a mature business and think there could be a fit with our approach to growing your company, we’d love to hear from you

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