Guarantee Details

Argonyx Marketing is the supplier for the purposes of this agreement.

Graphic Design Guarantee

Graphic Design for Website Services carries a Graphic Design Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with our graphic design we will work with you for FREE until you are. This applies to new graphic designs only and is not available with templates of any kind. If your graphic design specification changes you will be charged as if it were a separate job. This offer is valid only with graphic design jobs of $2000 or more.

Marketing Guarantee

Unless otherwise stated Argonyx Marketing’s normal guarantee is that we will supply an agreed number of leads or work with you at no additional charge until the number of leads are supplied. If an agreed number of leads has not been agreed in writing and specifically mentioning the Client’s name at the time of starting the Client’s marketing campaign, the guarantee is void.

Enacting or enforcing a guarantee revokes the right to use all intellectual property associated with Argonyx Marketing in all instances. Not enacting or enforcing a guarantee within the timeframe specified or a reasonable timeframe (within 1 business day) voids the guarantee.

The following conditions apply to all marketing guarantees or the guarantee is void. The Client must:

  • Follow directions from Supplier exactly pertaining to the acquisition and handling of leads
  • Actively utilise an effective marketing funnel to warm up and qualify a lead regardless of its source. All leads must use the funnel
  • Complete the feedback sheet supplied by Supplier in detail
  • Contact each lead no less than 5 times by phone and at least twice by email showing a genuine attempt to close the lead over 10 days
  • Follow up form completions with a phone call to book an appointment within 5 minutes of receiving a lead from 7am to 10pm client local time using the automatic timestamp in the leadsheet supplied
  • Provide all materials requested or the guarantee is void. This is typically logos, images, photo’s of the business owner, but not limited to these
  • Provide approvals and changes within 24 hours of request. Not gaining access to required software and ad platforms inside this timeframe constitutes a failure to provide approval from the Client.
  • Be running Suppliers’ recommended ads (all ad budget must be spent on these ads)
  • Be running Suppliers’ recommended offer
  • Be running Suppliers’ recommended budget
  • Be willing to make adjustments based on Supplier’s recommendations
  • Be running the minimum adspend discussed
  • Have at least 20 new prospect meeting spots available within the next 7 calendar days
  • Rate the quality of each lead on the feedback sheet provided by Supplier and the reason why the lead was given that rating
  • Get back to Supplier within 24 hours if we reach out with a request
  • Be willing to meet with Supplier (virtually or in-person as appropriate) for Optimisation Sessions and follow the recommended optimisation protocols to improve the ads and system
  • Reach out if you are unhappy with the results you must reach out immediately to schedule a support call
  • All normal terms and conditions of trade must be met
  • Conversion tracking must be set up and working on your website. This includes phone call and web form conversion tracking as per Argonyx Marketing requirements. Untracked phone numbers or email addresses must not appear on the website.

The Client understands that the ability of the salesperson to close affects perceived lead quality.

We consider a conversion to be a conversion, regardless of the size of the sale. Size of sale often relies on sales training for staff and both ability and willingness to upsell. This lies outside our control.

Hard costs such as adspend are still paid by the client regardless of the guarantee.

You must qualify for a guarantee and it must specifically be offered in writing to your business (and accepted in digital or written form) for it to apply.

If Argonyx Marketing cancels your services, if you fail to follow instructions from Argonyx Marketing, or fail to comply with the above, then you forfeit your guarantee.

Refund requests must be made in writing and setup fees are not refunded as part of the guarantee.


Any Offer Of Financial Gain

In addition to other terms and conditions, an offer of financial gain is applicable ONLY

  1. When the prospective or existing Client client completes the full demonstration call and sees zero value to themselves from any of the strategies.

Additionally, this offer is not valid if the prospective Client or existing Client:

  1. Does not qualify for the service or is not genuinely a prospective Client
  2. Withholds information of any sort or provides inaccurate information
  3. Does not complete the demonstration call on Zoom with video enabled
  4. Does not complete the required forms to claim the offer


All Work

All work, projects, communications and dealings with Argonyx Marketing are subject to our terms and conditions of trade which are available on this website.

Accounts cancelled/terminated by Argonyx Marketing that are in violation of our Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions of Trade, or any other contractual agreement do not qualify for ANY Guarantees, Special Offers, Refunds or Reimbursements. Examples include and are not limited to accounts that are cancelled due to customer practising spamming, failure to pay and websites consisting of illegal content.

Please note that a guarantee must be specifically offered in writing for it to apply. Guarantees do not automatically apply and where a guarantee contradicts our terms and conditions of trade, the terms and conditions of trade will always take precedence.

All refunds will be paid either via cheque or credit card reversal and may take up to 2 weeks to be processed.

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