Best Case Scenarios

We invite you to read some of our successes and a clear failure of digital marketing. It’s
important to get some insight into what has worked for others and what can be done if your
digital marketing doesn’t work.

These case studies all show that taking a partnership approach with your digital marketer produces amazing results.


Case 1: Argo ATV

Argo ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) has been a long-time client of Argonyx Marketing.

The Situation

Argo ATV Australia was forced to setup their own website and digital marketing upon directive from head office in Canada and decided an agency was a better idea than going it alone. Their choice was the right one as they became the best performing location worldwide with other countries modelling the Argo ATV Australia way of digital marketing.


The Approach

Argo ATV was already receiving a large amount of traffic from existing Adwords campaigns however much of this was irrelevant and required great targeting. We reduced the traffic to 36% of their previous volumes and the enquiries began to flow.

The quality of enquiry also increased with Argo mentioning their new enquiries were pre-sold and were much easier to close. We then focused on search engine optimisation, conversion optimisation to get more enquiry from the same amount of traffic and other conversion processes.

The Result


Increase in quality leads

You Can See Gary Talking About It Here.

Increase in marketing
and promotion effectiveness

On A Smaller Budget Than In Previous Years

Increase in overall conversion

From Site To Enquiry And From Enquiry To Sale


Case 2: 3XM

The Situation

3XM began with a poor performing website and a series of microsites when their supplier went out of business and in a situation where distributors were not selling nearly enough product.

Direct sales were sluggish and Google changed their algorithm to reduce the performance of microsites.

Digital Marketing was the next point of investigation and they chose Argonyx to partner with them to build their business.


The Approach

The 3XM approach was to revamp their website so it was user friendly and used best practice conversion rate optimisation (which is a fancy term for getting more enquiries from the same amount of traffic).

Once their website was built we undertook several campaigns to drive demand at the consumer level, including search engine optimisation..

The Result


Increase In Sales Of Core Product

You Can See Chris Talking About It Here.


Increase In Sales Of Accessories

3X More Traffic

In The First 6 Months Than In The Previous Year

Distributors Were
Forced To Sell More

As Market Demand Increased


Case 3: Force 10

The Situation

Force 10 needed an aggressive launch of their granny flat product. They had developed creative content however lacked the means to distribute it. Further, the landing page was managed tightly internally and was converting poorly.


The Approach

We created a new landing page for Force 10’s granny flat product that converted at astronomical levels. We used best practice and continue to apply conversion learnings as the data grew. We then used several traffic generation methods including social media and other pay per click advertising to increase visitors to the landing page.

The Result

Initial Enquiry Rate Of
1 Enquiry/Day


Consistently Achieved Through Managing Campaigns And Optimisations


Case 4: Pups4Sale

The Situation

Pups4Sale was struggling with outsourced services and was not achieving the results they knew they could, especially around digital marketing.


The Approach

We developed some advanced traffic generation strategies in conjunction with a clever web build to boost the sales and profitability of the business. The traffic strategies remain confidential except to existing clients as they were ground-breaking in the industry and can be applied to many other industries who still do not use such methods.

The Result


Growth Year On Year For 5 Years

You Can See David Talking About It Here.


Case 5: X-Span

The Situation

X Span was in the early stages of startup when they realised the need for assistance to grow and build quickly.

Instead of toughing it out as most businesses do, they decided to engage a professional to move things faster.

Their website was professionally built by a marketing agency rather than a cheap web developer which gave them a running start.


The Approach

We chose marketing methods that got runs on the board quickly since cash was a priority.

The client was very happy with the results saying “I’ve been extremely pleased with your work to date as the online enquiry level has exceeded my expectations.”

The Result


Visit To Lead Conversion

High Quality Traffic
In A Short Space Of Time

More Leads Than
Could Be Handled*


Worst Case Scenario: AWR Solutions

The Situation

It’s always good to know what your digital agency will do if your marketing doesn’t work. Will they cut you loose or will they work WITH you to get it working for your business? On the very odd occasion, it can be a case of being blindsided with a lack of results despite great research, great planning and perfect execution. This is what happened with AWR Solutions.

AWR Solutions needed to grow their business and digital marketing was the obvious path. We began with Pay Per Click marketing but to everyone’s surprise… it didn’t work! We had a major dilemma and this is what we did.


The Approach

In many agencies, if they are a Pay Per Click company, they say you must do Pay Per Click. Unlike many of these digital agencies, when we see something isn’t working, we take course corrections – and drastically if needs be.

This is what we did with AWR Solutions, we changed their entire campaign from a Pay Per Click focus to Search Engine Optimisation and the results were brilliant. Soon, AWR Solutions was sitting comfortably at the top of search engines and the enquiries were flowing.

The Result

Excellent Working Relationship

We Now Work Very Closely With AWR Solutions On All Forms Of Marketing And Have An Excellent Relationship.

Driving Business Growth

We Launch Their New Products And Drive Business Growth..

Heres a sample of further client work we’d love to show you.

McConnell Dowell



CFinance Brokers

Vital Life

VitalLife SR Automotive

River City Flooring

Minnis and Samson

Mother Duck

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