Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is more than having a website. It is strategically and intentionally creating high quality traffic, who see the right message, nurturing your leads and connecting in a meaningful way to your customer.

We use a unique digital model called the R9 Digital Model which consistently produces outstanding results.

Regardless of the stage or size of your business, digital marketing is essential in our current economy to effectively realise growth and expansion.

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Digital Marketing Services

We provide you more than a decade of proven expertise in the key areas of Digital Marketing including:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Architecture and Message
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Digital Strategy

Your web strategy underpins your entire online campaign including channel selection, messaging, and implementation to drive business objectives.

Outcome: Digital strategy document with clear direction and specific strategies for building your business or organisation online.

Website Architecture and Message

Your website forms the basis of all online marketing. It gives you incredible control over your user’s experience of you before you are even able to speak to them in a lot of cases.

Outcome: The right message in the right format delivered to your customer in the right presentation.

Search Engine Optimisation

Onsite and offsite optimisation for increased targeted traffic and sustainable web enquiries. SEO further strengthens your position in the search engines.

Outcome: High search engine rankings and ongoing enquiries for products or services offered.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click and other search engine advertising for even more targeted traffic and instant enquiries for your business.

Outcome: Create and maintain a profitable SEM campaign that delivers results.

Social Media Marketing

Build your online community and use paid advertising for a powerful sales tool by leveraging Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Outcome: Platform and implementation of your social media campaign to increase brand awareness and direct sales.

Content Marketing

Give your campaigns value with engaging and informative content that is relevant to your target audience, through content strategy, creation, promotion and analysis.

Outcome: Increased interest and reach which establishes your organisation as the leading expert in the industry.

Video Marketing

Increase the number of enquiries, draw more traffic to your website, and improve customer engagement using video marketing.

Outcome: Increased traffic, greater client engagement, and increased conversions.

Email Marketing

Generate new leads, follow up with and maintain contact with your target audience using powerful email strategies to get responses and drive business objectives.

Outcome: Increased enquiries and engagement with target audiences.

Lead Generation

"We’ve been doing digital marketing since before it was even a thing."

Types of Digital Marketing

Business To Business Marketing requires a special skillset to cut through and convert using digital. Use our proven methods for increased market penetration, shorter sales cycles and higher dollar sales.

Outcome: Increased sales team performance, higher conversions and shorter sales cycles.

Business To Consumer marketing goes directly to your end user and applies a varied mix of strategies depending on the level of market pull in your industry.

Outcome: Campaigns designed specifically to connect with the end user of your products and services.

Inbound leads are some of the easiest to convert. We work to automate your lead generation and nurture process to ensure high quality leads that come to you.

Outcome: Increase inbound leads and improve success of conversion.

Common Problems

Some of the most common problems we hear from our clients are listed below. How many of these have you experienced?

With everyone claiming to be an expert at this digital thing, how can you be sure you’re working with the right digital partner?

Look at their results. Do they have the runs on the board? Do they have a structure that makes sure all your marketing talks to each other part or are they a big, departmentalised company where one division doesn’t talk to the next?

The best digital marketing comes from a carefully crafted strategy or plan followed by execution with a level of expertise that comes from constantly testing and measuring results.

This is me, I want Assistance!

We hear this a lot. And it’s usually from someone who has used a less-than-reputable company to undertake their campaigns.

In marketing there is always risk as nobody can guarantee that it will work 100% and especially not on the first try. However, a well informed and well executed campaign across a number of digital channels reduces risk and helps to grow your business quickly.

It may also be a case of not having given the campaign enough testing and measuring.

We implement best practice to give you a running start and your business is unique so it might take a little time to find the perfect mix. A campaign abandoned without proper testing is a lost opportunity.

Of course it might just be the skill level of your agency, friend, colleague or the person you hired to get the job done. In any case, don’t just dismiss something because we have turned some of the worst

This is me, I want Assistance!

To cover all the areas of digital marketing properly it takes more than one person. There is a level of skill required in both executing and managing all digital marketing channels and it is unfair to think a single marketing manager can wrangle all technicians for a perfect result – unless they’ve been doing it for over a decade.

You need a level of experience in what is good implementation to be able to effectively manage a range of contractors and that is not easy to come by… cheaply.

Instead we combine all of the experience into a single place where that only requires a very reasonable investment for the expertise it provides and the returns it produces for you.

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Who has the time to do it ALL the digital marketing effectively? Even full-time Marketing Managers have so much on their plate that they need support. If you’re the business owner you’ve got no chance.

We get it and we’re here to help.

The online world is complex and changes rapidly. We stay ahead of the curve with continued research & testing and make changes to your campaigns as all your marketing platforms change. And change they do. Sometimes weekly.

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Then Digital Marketing is your thing. We all face pressures of reducing budgets and the need to get more out of everything and your online communication is no different. Whether lead generation, better conversion or more referrals, we need to be smarter with how we approach it and the R9 Model provides just that.

Digital Marketing is highly measurable, is often more efficient than other forms of marketing because it is more targeted and can be redirected more quickly, and using a strategic approach can provide an amazing experience for your customer.

It gives you leverage. Lots of leverage. It allows you to magnify your results by using clever execution techniques that just… work.

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This might seem strange coming from a digital agency but traditional marketing is not dead. They work hand in hand.

You need a digital agency who is at least open to traditional marketing working with digital. The ability to include tactile interaction in your digital campaigns brings a powerful experience for your customer and gives you a point of difference.

In any case, like all marketing, digital must be tested and measured, optimised and improved over time. There is no such thing as a silver bullet but this may be one of the fastest, most leveraged ways of reaching your target audiences.


This is me, I want Assistance!

Here’s The Thing

Don’t be fooled when someone says that digital marketing is the future, it’s already here and it is essential now.

Your competitors are doing it, your suppliers are doing it and your customers expect it. It is not optional anymore, the question is how well are you going to do it?

We would love to get an understanding of your business and see if there is a fit with the digital services we provide and the growth that you would like to achieve.

Digital Marketing isn’t optional
anymore, the question is how well
are you going to do it?

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