With everyone declaring they are a ‘full service agency’ and saying they will ‘exceed your expectations’,
what does it all actually mean?

Your growth goals, and therefore which digital strategies are most applicable, are determined by your growth stage, not
whether your marketers are a full service agency or make wild promises.

To win you have to make a move. Knowing which move to make comes with insight
and knowledge.


Early Stage Growth

Commercialising products and services for strong early stage growth is achievable.

Let’s See If We’ve Understood You Right…

For all businesses in early stage growth, there is more to do than you can possibly fit into a day, and it happens like that every day. We started Argonyx from the ground up so know from first-hand experience what the early months and years are like.

You might have started out building a great product and then realised you have very little in house commercialisation or go-to-market expertise which you need to get the returns you want.

So how do you subdue the chaos of this early stage?

When cash flow is tight, you need quick wins. Some runs on the board to keep investors happy and to boost that pool of diminishing funds.

Your choice of suppliers, and man are there a lot of choices of suppliers, is critically important. You need partners to support you and assist with your growth, not transactional engagements.

tresponsibilities and if one of them is hit by a bus (God forbid!) it could cause some serious issues. At the moment you are probably not seeing full leverage where you are getting results that are greater than the sum of the parts because you are still building momentum. You need to grow quickly.


The Good News

It can be done! It’s more achievable than you might think right now being in the forest and not being able to see the wood for the trees. If we focus on the quick wins with you (the low hanging fruit) and stabilise cash flow, things can improve quickly. Stress levels go down and everyone likes that.

See, building your growth story is not just for later stage companies, it’s for you, now. It’s also for the next few years at least until you and your investors are satisfied with the revenue levels.

We will then put you in front of your dream clients, in enough volume that you’re making sales on a very regular, sustainable basis.

Messaging is critical at this point, making sure your prospective client is hearing what you’re saying is the difference between making the sale or not at all. Again, this is very achievable when broken down into the correct process for commercialisation.

It is our goal to assist you in engaging your dream client sooner than you would have otherwise. We have the runs on the board when it comes to launching new products, one client had so much new business that they needed to hire an additional sales representative.

If you’re looking at adding another office with minimal impact, it’s time to upsize with proper growth planning and digital marketing execution like you’ve never experienced.

We let you be the playwright of your own show. Act One is live. Let’s make this riveting!

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Accelerated Growth

Active growth for expanding businesses using powerful digital marketing.

Fast, But Sustainable…

If you’ve been in business for a while you’ll know that growth can slow at various points. Or you might have just reached a new level and want to go again! If you’re at that point where you are actively seeking growth opportunities and have identified digital marketing as a highly successful channel, you need accelerated growth!

You not have the perfect lifestyle yet, or you may want multiple locations at this stage of business and it’s important that instead of going backwards, we launch you forward with renewed enthusiasm.

This is the money-making stage. You should have a good grasp on revenue and profit margins and we can then translate that into exact numbers of conversions to achieve your next revenue and lifestyle targets.

One of the biggest struggles we see businesses of your size have is being seen as the industry expert in order to capture and defend their market share. Usually this has to be done with a level of sustainability in mind as growing too fast or slow can cripple an otherwise good business. This is where digital marketing comes into its own with controlled, sustainable advancements.

This is important because expectations can be a moving target at this stage of business and ultimately you need to make an impact and be agile enough to move with market demand.


The Good News

Your Next Office And Customers Are Waiting. Your Move.

Digital Marketing has done a lot for our clients. Your next office or location is closer than you might think and we’ve been able to make our clients very influential in record time.

Let’s face it, there’s only really three key things that denote success at this level of business:

  • Hitting financial milestones (how about doubling in size?)
  • Achieving and living in your core values every day (the greatest measure of happiness)
  • Leaving a legacy for generations to come (because we all want to be remembered for making a difference)

That’s where sustainability comes in, leveraging digital marketing experts to keep ahead of the curve without the massive upskilling expenditure in house.

What smart businessperson wants is a repeatable system where progress has continuity, is reviewed regularly and shifts with industry trends. Digital marketing achieves all this.

Often the profit motive is addressed with negative tones but in growing your business you’re doing a world of good. Let’s leave the planet better than we found it. And double in size while we’re at it with some serious accelerated growth!

Why do all this? Because as a business leader, you deserve some nicer things.

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Increase Competitive Advantage

Fresh beginnings with digital as a strong and reliable growth vehicle.

A lot of larger organisations see growth rates in single digits (or low double digits) in recent times. Some believe that growth opportunities are limited, because after all, you’ve done most of your growing some years ago.

You might have hit a plateau.

Revenue is fairly predictable now but you still want to increase in size and influence. Your board of directors might understand that digital marketing is important but not know the best ways to execute on it, choose the right channels, or choose the right delivery cadence.

You might have dabbled a bit in digital before but it hasn’t been a core strategy, implemented with vigour as a growth tool in a professional capacity with targeted outcomes.

You could be at the point where you need to increase your competitive advantage, because what worked well for the last decade or two and secured your existing customer base doesn’t necessarily look like it’s going to work for the NEXT decade or two.

So is growth for established companies possible with digital marketing?


Good News

Plan For High Value Growth And Gain A Fresh Momentum

Let’s look at what is possible with FRESH eyes and implement a plan to gain FRESH momentum. If you’ve hit a comfortable plateau, it’s time to step back and look at your financial and performance goals anew.

We help you create new beginnings with digital marketing as a strong and reliable growth vehicle.

For established companies, this can be a daunting task but what if digital marketing was not hit or miss? What if you can use your strengths AND lean on ours? Because we’ve been doing this before digital marketing was even a “thing” we’ve seen a lot of change, how it affects established organisations first hand and have the experience to carefully navigate the digital landscape for maximum return.

This makes your marketing highly sustainable with low waste and allows you to focus on building value for stakeholders.

Some sustainable growth scenarios include greater cash flow with potentially more accessible funds, along with increasing growth rates and stakeholder value.

The S-Curve is very pertinent to established companies because of the shifting business environment. You have the choice now of setting the trajectory of your next decade or more.

If it’s time to reinvigorate and reboot your company’s growth chart…

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In Case You Were Wondering Why It Hasn’t Worked For You Before…

Digital Marketing is a complex environment that changes quickly. You may have heard the saying, “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur.” This is certainly the case when selecting your digital marketing partner. The wrong decision can quickly produce costly, unsustainable campaigns with very little return.

To avoid all of that, we’d love to see you and discuss your business goals.

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