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09 December 2021

4 Unique Marketing Tips For Generating Leads

With so many businesses using online marketing, getting more creative than your competition is essential. If you want to stand out, you need to take advantage of new platforms as they become available. Clubhouse and TikTok are two recent versions, but there are other platforms you can use to extend your reach.

You can also consider enhancing your current methods like email marketing and SEO to see if there are more ways you can improve their performance.

1. Add Video to Your Existing Content

Say you have a well-written SEO post getting good traffic and working for you in lead generation. Is the content suitable for a video?

When you add different media to your content marketing strategy, you can reach those people who may have not wanted to hang around to read a lengthy blog post.

You also open up other channels like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and other video platforms to significantly expand your audience reach.

2. Public Relations

Public relations (PR) isn’t the same as it used to be. A full-on PR blast that casts a wide net will not get you the expected results. According to Zen Business, PR is just as critical to your companies success as any of your content marketing strategies.

Plus, it can also be very cost-effective once everything is set up. A good PR campaign can help you reposition a product, launch a new one, influence a specific demographic, and much more.

3. TikTok is The New Kid on the Block

TikTok is a modern success story proving to everybody that there is always room for one more social media platform; all it needs is the right hook to lure people in. TikTok now has nearly 700 million active users in the West, so It’s still lagging behind the giants like Facebook.

However, we mustn’t forget the 600-million users based in China. While it’s not easy to get in on this market, the market share still contributes to the coffers. In short, TikTok has a lot of financial clout behind it to ensure its continued success and growth.

You may have bypassed TikTok, thinking that it may not cater to your ideal audience. Yes, all the young people are on TikTok, but like your audience on Instagram, they will soon be heading off to college and getting jobs. Start building your audience on these platforms early to futureproof your brand.

If a successful marketing guru like Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t ignoring TikTok (11 Million followers and counting), it’s time your business got in on it.

4. Add Conversational Insights to Your Content Marketing Strategy

According to Search Engine Watch, you can gain a lot of insight into user intent with keyword research, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Keywords are great, but they don’t tell you much about why a customer searches a particular phrase.

AI-powered chatbots and data you glean from Facebook Messenger and other conversational channels can give you a much deeper insight into what your customers are thinking and what they need.

Chatbots are an increasingly important component of your content marketing and are a powerful way to convert more customers and generate more leads.

These are just a few of the strategies you can use to stand out from your competition. For even more ideas, get in touch with professional digital marketing experts to help you generate more leads from your online marketing channels.


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