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25 October 2021

How the Mere Exposure Effect Should Influence Your Content Marketing

What is the Mere Exposure Effect? The mere exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to prefer something because it is familiar. An excellent example of the mere exposure effect in action is when you choose between two products at the grocery store, one familiar and one you haven’t tried before. People will […]

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18 October 2021

Generate Profitable Leads Through Effective Content Marketing

Traditional marketing often means paying an endless stream of money to get in the face of your audience, but that strategy was so last decade. Plus, people either switch off because of an acute sense of ad blindness, or your attention-grabbing efforts interrupt their train of thought and irritate the very people you are trying […]

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11 October 2021

Nurturing Leads with Content Marketing

Most visitors to your website are still in the research phase of the sales process, which means that most will leave, never to be seen again. Around 15% of these visitors will convert within 90 days, but there is no guarantee they will buy from your business.   What’s more, more than 80% of purchases […]

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04 October 2021

3 Techniques to Drive More Traffic to Your Website and Generate Inbound Inquiries

Websites are pivotal to your content marketing campaign, but they aren’t effective at generating leads and inquiries if they don’t receive regular traffic. Read on to discover three digital marketing strategies that will drive more traffic to your website. Organic Traffic Organic traffic is any visitor arriving on your website via the search engine results […]

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27 September 2021

5 Great Reasons to Use Instagram as Part of Your Revenue Growth Strategy

You may already be growing your business through Facebook, but have you ever considered the other popular Facebook-owned social media property, Instagram?

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