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30 June 2021

5 Online Strategies to Attract More Loan Officer Refinance Leads

A mortgage refinance lead is someone interested in rearranging the debt on their existing mortgage. Refinance leads will have many different reasons for refinancing, such as reducing their existing mortgage payments or releasing equity to purchase another property (cash out).  

Whatever the reason, it’s critical to find the most efficient source for attracting high-quality refinance leads so you save time and money. Use these five loan officer marketing strategies to attract a steady stream of refinancing leads to your business.

1. Use Third-Party Data  

Third-party data providers help you sidestep the issue of not having an extensive list of contacts you can reach out to in your marketing campaigns.  

Only qualified leads are added to a quality list, but they allow you to connect with hundreds of new leads in your area every month.

People interested in selling a home, buying a home, or refinancing are often ready to complete a transaction quickly.

So, if you find yourself short of a few loan officer leads, check out your options in third-party data collectors.

2. Follow and Engage with the Mortgage Market Leaders  

Start following the online profiles of industry leaders in your area, and you will discover new ways to find loan officer refinance leads. Sign up to receive newsletters, alerts for new blog posts, Facebook pages, Facebook groups and follow them on Twitter.  

Following industry leaders on its own won’t help you find new refinance leads because you also have to engage with them. Comment on their new content while ensuring you add something of value to the conversation, leading people back to your website or social profile SUBTLY.

Doing this regularly will cement your reputation as an authority in the mortgage industry. You are also effectively siphoning off potential leads from someone else’s highly trafficked post. People may see your post, like your answer, and click through to your business.

3. Leverage Local Search 

Consumers searching for refinancing options are most often looking to do business with a local provider. Plus, searchers who research a nearby business are 76% likely to engage with that business within a day, and almost a third of visits result in a transaction.  

If you haven’t yet set up your business to take advantage of local loan officer lead generation, then you are potentially missing out on a significant amount of business (and handing it over to your competitors).  

Creating a Google My Business listing is fairly straightforward, but fill out every detail. The more information Google has on your business, the more accurate they will be when showing your business for a searcher researching refinancing options in their local area.  

4. Market to Real Estate Agents

Given their stock-in-trade, it’s only natural that real estate agents can be a huge resource for providing you with a steady supply of loan officer leads looking for refinancing options.  

Perform a hashtag search in social media to find suitable real estate candidates such as #realestateCITY or #CITYrealestate (replacing CITY with your location).  

5. Use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience Feature 

Facebook has phenomenal demographic targeting features, so you can hone in on an audience with a laser-like focus on specific criteria.  

A lookalike audience allows you to seed the algorithm with a list of your previous customers. Facebook then scours its database of profiles, searching for patterns that match your list of contacts. The more data you have, the better your results will be. 

The algorithm will then predict which Facebook members are the most likely candidates for loan officer leads and serve your ad up to them.


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