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11 May 2021

5 Mortgage Marketing Tips for Loan Officers Struggling on Social Media

Social media is primarily a platform people use for entertainment and to stay connected with friends and family. Because of this, you may believe that your mortgage business has no place on the likes of Facebook or Twitter for generating mortgage leads

You would be mistaken. 

Social media creates connections with people. As the mortgage business is highly personal, there’s hardly a better place to build your brand, engage with clients, and improve your mortgage lead generation capabilities.  

A mortgage for a new home is extremely personal and a big commitment. When people enter the housing market, they want to know they are working with someone they can trust.  

Having a presence on social media can help you move prospects from not knowing you into a place where they not only know you but trust you enough to do business. 

We think many Loan Officers are missing out on the potential of social media marketing, so here are 5 strategies you can use to get the most mileage out of your social media campaign.  


1. Attract More Mortgage Leads with Client Testimonials

You work hard to deliver exceptional results for your clients, and some of them may even reward you with a glowing testimonial.

When people see praise for your business from real people on social media, it’s a good indication you will provide them with the same level of commitment.

Sprinkle a few testimonials throughout your news feed. You don’t need the full version. Just a screengrab of a sentence or two will make enough impact to improve your mortgage lead generation ability.

2. Posting Updates in the Mortgage Industry 

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly used by companies to provide customer support.  

While the algorithms can add a certain level of mystery about who will see what, your leads, prospects, and clients will often head to these platforms first to get the latest updates and stay informed. 

You can use this trend to your advantage by posting updates about your organization, new policy changes from big lenders, limited-time offers, and anything else new relevant to the loan officer industry


3. Infographics 

Infographics are big, bold, and eye catching. They take big topics and break them down into digestible nuggets, making them a fantastic tool for getting a lot of information across

in a way that is quickly absorbed and understood.  

Fill your infographic design with vivid colors, colorful charts, graphs, and eye-catching illustrations to get an edge in attracting more mortgage leads to your business.  

4. Promote New Blog Posts 

It can take a while for a new blog post to get some traction in the search engines. Don’t wait around for Google to index and rank your post. Jump-start traffic flow by sharing it on social media.  

On Twitter, you might want to schedule a new post promotion a few times a day to ensure you get as many eyes on it as possible. Post with less frequency on Facebook, but a couple of times a week at least.  

You might also like to freshen up some of your older posts with updated information and share those to create more traffic and reach more mortgage leads.  

5. Track Your Results 

When you are using social media for mortgage lead generation, you should always track the results of everything you post.  

If a particular type of post is falling flat, you need to know about it so you can stop wasting time on that type of content.  

Likewise, if any of your posts are getting lots of engagement like sharing, clicks, commenting, or liking, you can use that information to help you get ever closer to that holy grail of social media content, the viral post.  

A lot of mortgage marketing is about knowing where your audience likes to hang out online. Just about everyone is on social media to some degree these days, and many of your prospects will expect you to have a presence on at least a few of the platforms.  

Social media is not the place for hard-sell sales pitches. Instead, it’s a platform where you can nurture new mortgage leads, provide support, and find out more about what your customers need. Learn more about how you can take advantage of social media marketing for mortgage today.


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