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30 June 2021

4 Marketing Tips for Loan Officers Struggling on Social Media

If you’ve been struggling to make headway on social media with your loan officer marketing plan, perhaps it’s time to take another look at your social media strategy. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh angle to start bringing in a flood of loan officer leads and getting the results you need. These tips should help you breathe new life into a floundering loan officer’s social media marketing strategy.

1.       Understand Why You are Posting?

How you measure success for your social media strategy can provide insight into what you need to do. Likes, comments, and shares (vanity metrics) are great, but did they grow your business in any way? If your posts are not helping you expand your business, it’s time to change tack.

Consider why you are posting and the audience you are trying to reach. Remember, social media is all about starting a conversation with the people who want and need your services. 

Every post should speak to the individuals in your audience and get them engaged with your business, rather than just add to your vanity metrics.


2.       Create and Use Videos as Often as Possible

Videos have become an essential tool on social media. The algorithms of social media platforms often give preference to video posts in the news feed because of the higher levels of engagement they attract.

A video can be engaging and connect with your audience at a more personal level. When people on social media see your visage in a video, the journey to knowing, liking, and trusting you is off to a good start.

You don’t have to stick to purely business topics when creating videos for loan officer lead generation. Instead, consider your demographic’s struggles, challenges, and pain points.

For example, how do people go from not interested in purchasing a house to ending up in their dream home?  You can create posts to answer questions they may have about the house buying process.

For example, your prospects on social media may be wondering:

  • What are my options?
  • How big of a down payment do I need?
  • What is the process for buying a home?

When your videos deliver solutions to these challenges, you will provide value to your audience and significantly enhance your ability to attract mortgage leads to your business.


3.       Post Consistently

The problem with a lot of mortgage lead generation strategies on social media is inconsistency. Social media platforms are dynamic, and they are looking for fresh content to deliver to their users every day.

Active profiles will get more attention from the algorithms. Therefore, your business is far more likely to show up in your audience’s feed if you post more often than a couple of times a month.

Many loan officers will worry about what they should post and when or think their videos won’t be high enough quality, so they never get started. The most important thing is to begin posting without worrying too much about the finer details. It will get better over time.

Each post you create will teach you a lot about what your audience needs. You require data to understand what content your audience is after, but you can only get data by posting regularly and often and monitoring your results. Don’t worry about perfection because that will only come with practice.


4.       Be Yourself and Be Authentic

Auto-generated content will never get you the results you need because it’s rarely timely, and it is usually content your audience has seen in a dozen other news feeds.

For example, a post where you sit down with a client and discuss their experience while working with you is far more exciting and engaging than an auto generated topic from a post scheduler.

Find your voice on social media by creating original authentic content. This type of content is best for mortgage lead generation because this is the type of information and content your audience craves.


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