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30 June 2021

4 Expert Tips For Growing Your Loan Officer Business

If your mortgage lead generation strategy has been getting lackluster results lately, it may be an issue of relevance. In today’s tech-savvy world, the way to create a steady stream of loan officer leads is to develop your brand and reputation online. Use these four strategies to help you reach your audience and engage at a personal level to develop trust and cultivate relationships in your local community. 

  • Lead Pages

Create lead pages that cater to your audience, whoever they may be. For example, when you ask loan officer marketing leads to hand over personal contact details, let them choose their preferred communication medium, such as SMS, Facebook messengers, or email, or what have you.  Give people more options, and you will get more signups. 

For example, if you only have email as a contact medium, you exclude visitors who would prefer to connect with you through text.

If you target a specific demographic, don’t assume every individual within that demographic has the same preferences regarding communication. For example, your visitor could be a twenty-something who prefers getting stuff in the mail, or it could be a 70-year old who loves technology and wants to do everything through text or chat.

Always use best practices with every marketing medium, like asking for an opt-in and providing clear instructions on how they can opt-out with every message you send.  

  • Be Genuine and Authentic

The days of flashy suits, toothy smiles, and expensive cars splashed over bench seats, and billboards are decades out of date. Today’s homebuyers will not be impressed with flashy cars and expensive suits prominently displayed in your marketing message. Most won’t even see them because they are focused on their mobile phones. 

Marketing is about being relevant. In today’s digital world, you need to be seen and communicating with your audience wherever their attention is. Today, just about all of your audience is online via mobile devices.

Be authentic and be yourself when engaging online. People want to do business with a real person. Show them the same person in your marketing messages is the individual they will do business with when they make the call, and it will go a long way to building trust. 

  • Join the Facebook Groups Local to Your Area

Local groups on Facebook are a powerful strategy you can use to connect with your community without stepping outside. A task that once required you to don a suit and hand out business cards at the local community center can now be done entirely online and much more efficiently. 

  • Post Regularly and Often 

Create accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even TikTok. Remember when Facebook was for the young people, but they’re all grown up now and buying houses. TikTok will be the same way. The young millennials and Gen Zs active on TikTok will soon be graduating, getting jobs, and looking for mortgages.

The way to growing your followers is to post as often as you can, preferably every day for the best results. Remember, be authentic. You don’t have to keep your posts purely about business all the time. Show your passions and interests, and you will create relevance for at least some of your audience. 


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