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31 May 2021

3 Steps to Create a Steady Stream of Loan Officer Leads

A website is a fantastic loan officer marketing tool. Unfortunately, if your website is your only digital marketing income stream, one Google algorithm update is all it will take for your source of leads to dry up. Every loan officer marketing plan should have a paid component to even out the dips and troughs so you can keep the lights on. Read on to find out three easy steps for creating a campaign that will bring in new leads on autopilot every day.

1. Create a Focused Landing Page
Before you do anything in a paid marketing campaign, you need to create a landing page.

You may be wondering why you wouldn’t send new leads directly to your home page, but there is an excellent reason not to.

Of course, your mortgage business needs a website. Without it, you won’t attract mortgage leads from search engines, and every little bit helps. However, website traffic can be sporadic – and search engine algorithms change.

Some days are better than others for bringing in loan office marketing leads, but you could easily go for a week or more without any new signups. It’s not the most reliable income stream.

When you are paying good money for a paid campaign on social media, you want to make sure your audience cannot be distracted from the main message you are trying to deliver.

Every click counts.

The average website has a lot of distractions. Your visitors may click around for a while, read a few blog posts, and then leave forever without you capturing any details.

When prospects arrive at your dedicated landing page, there is nothing to distract them. They either sign up or don’t, but a good landing page will achieve a much higher conversion rate than a website.

Once you have their information, your prospect is now a loan officer lead you can nurture through the sales funnel with emails, phone calls, appointments, and ultimately, a mortgage or some other paid service.

Typically, your website might achieve a conversion rate of around 1%. On the other hand, a focused landing page will convert at approximately 10 to 20%, which is a much better value when you are paying for every visitor.


2.The Follow Up Sequence 

Once the lead is in your database, you can guide them through the sales funnel with an automated email sequence. Online sales funnels have the advantage of being almost entirely hands-off.

New loan officer leads will receive a steady stream of emails designed to get them to make an appointment, pick up the phone, or visit the office. Once you have created the content for your email sequence (or use our system), all you now need to do is focus on filling the funnel with high-quality mortgage marketing leads.

3. The Facebook Paid Advertising Campaign

Like it or not, Facebook collects mountains of data on all its users, which makes the platform the superior choice for a paid campaign.

One of the biggest mistakes loan officers make when marketing on Facebook is creating a post and then paying for a boosted post. This option is fantastic if you want to get likes and shares, but likes and shares don’t put money in the bank.

If you want to get traffic to your landing page, you need to select the conversion option in the Facebook Ads manager.

The next most important task is to tighten up your targeting. For instance, rather than serve the ad to everyone in your State , you should narrow your selection down to your location, such as Phoenix, Arizona and expand later as your budget increases.

You can go further and tell Facebook to only target people who live in the area and ignore those just passing through, but Facebook allows you to narrow your location down even more.

Phoenix is a pretty big area at more than 500 square miles, and you probably aren’t servicing the entire region. You could narrow the radius down to just a few miles and significantly reduce your ad spend for potentially more conversions of higher quality.

There are many details in the Facebook Ad manager, so you will need to go through and select those options most likely to bring in loan officer marketing leads.

Run your ads for at least four to five days (you can change them sooner if you are spending $100+ a day or more) before deciding if it’s a dud or not. If you don’t give the algorithm enough time to update, then you risk shutting down an ad that may have gone on to perform gangbusters.


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