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26 May 2021

3 Practical Loan Officer Lead Generation Strategies

Loan officers have many different channels available to them for attracting leads to their business, but that doesn’t mean mortgage marketing is easy. There’s a lot to understand about each platform, and it can be overwhelming to find the best approach for each one to maximize your return. 

This post will teach you about three loan officer lead generation strategies to ensure you cast as wide a net as possible for attracting highly qualified leads to your mortgage business.

A Well-Optimized Website

A good-looking website that is easy for its visitors to use is critical for lead generation in today’s tech-oriented society. Almost all research for a new business starts online, and a significant portion of your organic traffic will arrive from mobile devices.

Google is hard on websites that aren’t mobile responsive. A mobile responsive website means it works well and displays appropriately on whatever screen real estate is available. All things being equal, if two websites are competing for the same search term, the mobile responsive site will earn the top spot over one that isn’t.

There are many different website builders available for constructing a website. WordPress is a popular choice but by no means the only one worth considering. Whichever platform you use, make sure you use a web development team well versed in SEO (search engine optimization). 

A website built from the ground up to target search terms that will rank in Google search and bring in mortgage leads will save you from a lot of work later on. 

Loan Officer Lead Generation Through Content Marketing 

After the website has gone live, you still have work to do. One of the best ways to rank your website for more search terms is to create a content marketing plan that focuses on providing value through blog posts. 

Each blog post you publish will need to focus on keywords searchers are typing into the search box. A keyword is the term SEO experts use for the phrases prospects type into search engines. 

Not all keywords are created equal, which means you will need to work with an experienced digital marketing team who understand what it takes to find the best keywords for lead generation for loan officers. 

Google is always looking for the best content to answer a user’s query, and if your content provides the best solution, it will be your blog post that ranks the highest in the search results. 

Your published content will also present you as an authority in the housing loans market, improve your branding, and build trust in the marketplace. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a fantastic medium for connecting with a new audience, showing testimonials from previous clients, and building trust and authority. It can also perform a promotional role in your loan officer marketing plan whenever you publish a new post on your site. 

Google is notoriously slow at indexing new content. You can put in a request for Google bots to analyze your post, but there’s no hurrying a Google that doesn’t want to be rushed. 

Rather than wait for Google, one of the fastest ways to get traffic flowing to your newly published content is to broadcast it all over social media. 

Be mindful of your publishing schedule on each of the platforms. Use an appropriate publishing frequency. For example, posting the same thing ten times on Facebook won’t go over so well, but it would be entirely appropriate on a fast-moving feed like Twitter. 

In today’s Google-centric world, an online presence is critical to marketing for loan officers. A well-optimized site, keyword research, and consistent publishing on your blog and social media platforms will be central to your digital marketing efforts and bringing in high-quality leads.


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