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17 May 2021

3 Easy Lead Generation Strategies for Loan Officers

Have your loan officer lead generation strategies plateaued of late? Is your marketing funnel more of a slow drip than a steady flow? It happens to the best of us, and the current challenges aren’t making things easier. Mixing things up a bit can lead to better results, so try adding these strategies to your loan officer marketing plan to get things moving again.

Send Out Lumpy Mail

This may sound strange coming from a team who predominantly uses online methods to get results. You may have heard on the grapevine that direct marketing is dead. We would have to agree it certainly doesn’t get the results that it used to (we blame the internet). Still, many organizations are getting good results and drawing attention to their brand with what they refer to as lumpy mail campaigns.

Lumpy mail campaigns take advantage of people’s innate curiosity. Flat envelopes aren’t exciting, but an envelope with a small lump in it will pique their curiosity. It shows something is interesting inside that might be worth investigating. It’s about the only type of traditional marketing e still recommend.

There are plenty of things you can stuff inside an envelope as a gift, but the lumpier, the better. You could try USB flash drives, a key chain (signifying the key to their new home perhaps), or a packet of seeds. In today’s climate, a stress ball might be just the thing.

Stop Selling and Start Teaching

Mortgage customers will always choose to work with someone they can trust, but how do you build trust when they don’t know you?
You start teaching instead of selling.

Attracting leads into your sales funnel through teaching delivers enormous advantages to your mortgage marketing strategy.

You show that you are an authority in your industry. Teaching also gives you a constant presence on social media and search engines. Fill your blog with relevant content your prospects can use, and you have more opportunities to show up in the search engines.

The more you are seen, the more you are at the front of people’s minds when deciding to take the leap. It’s Branding 101.

A new home and mortgage is a big deal, so you can bet that people are doing a lot of research on the topic before they commit. Do you think they will be more inclined to go with the loan officer who throws them sales pitch after sales pitch or the one who provides professional-level advice without an obvious sales agenda?

Add Video to Your Loan Officer Marketing Strategy

If you are going to educate your prospects, video will help you reach a broader demographic than text alone. Six out of 10 consumers say they prefer to consume content via video rather than text.

If you wonder what makes great content for video, you will be pleased to know that any of your long-form blog posts are a great place to start. Some of your site visitors won’t read a blog-long post, but they may stick around for a 4-minute video. Put the video towards the top of the page, and you will increase engagement on your website.

Plus, YouTube is a search engine almost as active as Google. Google owns it, so you create more chances to appear on the search pages.

The above are just a small sample of strategies you can use to increase the number of new loan leads arriving at your business. Marketing is an evolving medium. What works today, may not work as well tomorrow. Being successful means you need to be always experimenting and finding new ways to expand your brand, grow your reach, and stay one step ahead of the competition.


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