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13 November 2018

11 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is The Future

We are living in a digital world that is constantly evolving each day. Consumers are now able to consume content on more devices than ever before. It began with computers and laptops, but recently the horizon has been expanded with the popularisation of smart phones and tablets. As technology advances, the prices drop making it more affordable to the wider audience. With all these eyes fixed on screens it is sometimes hard to stand out among these endless streams of content. To keep up with this changing world of ours, the form of content matters. From the clutters of written copy and pictures, one platform that is beginning to stand out is Video Marketing.

Here are 11 reasons why Video Marketing should be apart of your business’ digital marketing strategy if they aren’t already.

1. Global Internet Traffic Spend Majority of Their Time in Video


With  3.5 billion internet users worldwide a common query is ‘where are all these people spending their time?’ According to a Cisco study, in 2016 it was recorded that a massive 73% of  all consumer internet traffic was in video. This number is expected to grow to 82% in under 2 years.

2. Most Marketers use Video Content in Their Marketing Strategies


When it comes to content selection, marketers are one to trust. Currently 87% of marketers are using video ads in their digital marketing strategies. It must be the way to go right? However this may not be the solution for all businesses. The product or service on offer is a factor to the determination of content.

To find out more reasons why digital marketing didn’t work for your business, click here.

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3. Video Marketing Suits our Fast-Paced World


It’s hard not to notice that everyone seems to be getting busier these days. Not to say that people are always in a rush, but there is a lot going on.

Psychologist Dr Richard Wiseman indicates that the overall pace of our world has increased by 10% in recent years. Technological advancement has said to be one of the explanations to our collective urgency.

Creating a video requires time and effort along with the right equipment. As people are always on the go, they can appreciate the hard work that goes into them. Also with limited time to consume, 69% of online consumers would rather watch a video than read a product explanation. Additionally, 64% of consumers are likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video about it. However this comes down to personal opinion and if the consumer is more interested in the facts or the stimuli of the ad.

4. Video Content is Less ‘spam like‘ than Other Content


Again touching on the massive efforts required to produce a good video. Written and picture ads can be made up fairly quickly and due to this they are often thought to be spam by viewers. Video ads on the other hand can be seen as a more trustworthy form of content given their larger production efforts. No brand wants their potential customers ignoring their content due to spam suspicions.

5. Google Loves Videos


One metric of Google’s ranking system is the total time a visitor spends on a website. Essentially interaction is key here. Having a video on a landing page will increase the time capacity that a visitor has to consume on that page. The longer the duration the more Google likes the page, hence given an increased rating.

If someone enters and then instantly exits a website – this is called a bounce. The goal is to minimise these bounces with engaging content. Statistics show that a website with an embedded video is 53 times more likely to show up on the top of a Google search than those without. This is due to the longer visitor exposure which builds trust and signals quality content top search engines.

6. Video Posts excel on Social Media


As we all know, Facebook has become one of the most effective methods to advertise online. It is one of the best platforms to reach targeted consumers. Facebook has many forms of ads, two that stand out are photo and video. According to a study by Social Bakers, Facebook video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photos do across the platform.

This statistic is due to the capability that video has to become a shareable piece of content. First and foremost because of to their entertainment and engaging nature. They become more relevant with their ability to paint a real life picture which is relatable for the consumer.

7. It’s Not all about Going Viral


Some people have this idea that the only way a video ad will be successful is by going viral. In a world full of  content, this goal is extremely hard to achieve. However marketers know that this isn’t the case. In fact developing a targeted video based on the desired consumer is much more valuable than trying to reach out to a broader audience. This approach is said to provide greater return on investment (ROI). It all depends whether sales or brand awareness is the purpose of the campaign.

8. Video Visuals Contribute to a Better Understanding of a Product or Service


The saying often goes ‘a picture tells a 1000 words‘. If that’s the case, then how many words does a video tell?

According to study by James McQuivey, a video tells 1.8 million words. This comes from an equation of one picture or frame equaling 1,000 words times by the frames per second, times by 1 minute. Numbers aside, as mentioned before a video is able to paint a real life picture. This sense of realism is honest. In turn this honesty makes the marketing more persuasive.

In fact 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of products and services. Essentially the consumer is able to see how what they are watching has an impact or purpose in a real life setting. This will fulfill that need or want in their life – which is what every ad strives to achieve.

Testimonials are one of the bests ways to showcase a product or service in the hands of a real customer in the hope of appealing to others. To know what makes a testimonial an effective video marketing strategy, click here.

9. The Range of Video Metrics helps pinpoint Specific Goals and Areas for Improvement


Videos offer a range of metrics that you can use to target business goals or measure performance. Some of these metrics include view count, play and completion rate, CTR and many others. All of which measure a different aspect of performance for a video.

A marketer is able to best utilise these scores to measure the success of a video in relation to it’s set goals, therefore creating optimisation strategies to increase success. From awareness to relevancy all the data is there.

10. There are Multiple ways to ‘watch‘ Video


To get the full experience of a video is obviously to see it and hear it. What if we took away one of these senses. For example, you may be on the bus on your phone and have come across a video ad. Without ear phones you don’t want to play the audio out loud. The solution is subtitles which fill in this incapability. On the other end, on a big desktop screen some viewers are note always completely tuned in to a video due to clutter. With the audio component the viewer is still able to be provided with the message of the video. Alternatively a video can be seen, heard and read providing the viewer with an extended depth and clear message.

11. Video Marketing is Unique


A social media presence, EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail), regular blog posts, search engine marketing – these are all types of digital marketing. However as the market becomes saturated with these it is difficult for brands to stand out. Separate yourself from the norm and get ahead of your competitors with video marketing. While it may be a big investment, it is the way of the future. More and more people want to see video content than anything else. In fact a Hubspot survey of 3,000 consumers indicate that 53% of them want to see more video content from marketers in the future. It’s time to give the people what they want.

There are very few agencies in Australia that can claim to do video marketing well. Some create and lack distribution, others distribute and lack creativity. We bring both together for powerful video content to engage your target audiences for increased exposure.

Check out one of our videos on Killer Conversion Strategies. Do you want to produce awesome video marketing content but don’t have the time? Contact us now.

Written by

Jack Davis

Argonyx Marketing


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