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12 July 2021

3 Simple Ways Loan Officers Can Optimize Their Website For Lead Generation

A business website is no longer a choice. Over the last couple of decades, websites have increasingly become the face of businesses and the first point of contact a loan officer lead will have with your company. The trend has continued to such an extent that just about everybody is heading to the internet to research a new business (and this also means your Google my Business and online reviews need to be kept up to speed – covered in another article)

Business sites need to make a great first impression, but before they can do that, they need to be found in the search engines. When there are thousands of websites all vying for the same positions in the search engines, you must have your site optimized for the search engines, so it stands a better chance of getting found over your competition in the search results pages. 

Here are 3 Search Engine Optimization tips you can use to help you improve your loan officer lead generation potential. 

Create and Optimize Your Website Content 

Website content is the first thing a loan officer lead will see when arriving on your site from the search engines, so it is critical that it gets to the point and provides a solution to the query that brought them there.  

Websites with blogs attract more traffic from the search engines because they constantly receive updates of fresh new content weekly or monthly. Each time you produce a new piece of content, it should target keywords you know your leads are searching for relevant to your business. 

Each article you publish creates more chances of getting found in the search results for various keywords. Creating a variety of content types is also highly recommended, so you have all your bases covered, such as videos, podcasts, images, emails, and newsletters.

Landing Pages for Loan Officer Lead Generation

Content for your blog is a fantastic strategy for getting found for more keywords. However, landing pages are still one of the best ways to generate loan officer leads through compelling CTAs like special offers, consultations, or time-sensitive deals. 

If you create any type of loan officer marketing campaign using paid advertising channels, an optimized landing page will increase your conversions and turn more loan officer leads into paying customers. 

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

We talked about how most of your loan officer leads will research a new business online, but it’s also essential to consider the device they will be using. Google has been pushing website owners to ensure their site works well on every device, with an emphasis on mobile phones. 

The search engine giant considers mobile to be so integral to their search business that they are willing to penalize a site should it not perform well on a smartphone or tablet – regardless of how well it performs on a desktop. 

Text on a mobile device should be readable without the user having to pinch and zoom. Images also need to download quickly while still looking clear, as do videos. While there is no longer any need to create a separate mobile website, you will still need to modify your website design to ensure visitors have a great user experience on big and small screens and everything in between. 

Every business operating today should have a website, but it’s not enough to create a site and hope for the best. A business site requires regular updates and promotions to ensure it works for you around the clock building your brand and filling your sales funnel with highly qualified loan officer leads. 


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